Confession is good for the soul

twitterchat-5c-_30016657The topic of our most recent #NYCSchoolsTechChat on Twitter was Teacher Report Cards. We looked back on our year and gave ourselves a grade. We shared what we succeeded at, and what we came up short on.
Naturally, we didn’t focus on how well we did this year. Like every other normal person we only focused on our flaws. I can have this conversation in my own head every day, but when we put words to these ideas and post them for our colleagues to see, it’s a little humbling.
One could argue that you shouldn’t achieve all your goals, you should have some goals that are just out of reach, to keep you reaching and growing. I agree with that but it’s still tough to admit you could have served your kids better and you didn’t.
My big take away is that I’m very lucky. From what everyone posted, you could see that we all wanted to be better. We all tried to reach a new level in something. I get to hang around with people who are trying their best and they inspire me to try my best also. We were comfortable enough with each other to confess our shortcomings in a supportive environment. It was a relief to realize that while I’m not perfect, neither are my colleagues. They are amazing though, and for that I’m grateful.

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