My favorite lesson for the end of the year.

What do I do with my students? How do I keep them engaged at this point in the year? I have the solution.

One of my favorite lessons happens around this time of the year. My students open up the time capsule they created in September. In it they answered a bunch of questions, so when they open it in June they see how their answers have changed to those questions.

It’s one of my first lessons for the year. It’s a quick way to get to know my students, and an easy way to introduce some slideshow tools.

One of the first slides is a Table of Contents listing all sorts of things about the student: their favorite movie, their best friend, how the first few days in a new school went for them. I then teach them to hyperlink those items to the corresponding slides in the presentation.

It’s in their google drive for safe keeping, and right around now we open it back up again. Since they’re mature, sophisticated, almost 7th graders, the answers they gave as tiny little newbie 6th graders sometimes make them laugh. They create new slides and answer the same questions again, noticing how much they’ve grown and changed over the course of the year.

It’s a good lesson to show them how much they’ve grown, and to be proud of how far they’ve come in a year. I’m thinking I should create one for myself, and see how my answers change from the beginning of the year. After all, I should be growing too.


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