Practice What You Preach

One of the big buzz words for education lately has been collaboration. We want students to work together. The 21STcentury worker won’t be plugging along by themselves at a workstation, they will be working with a team to accomplish a goal or solve a problem. So we need to train our students to work together.
The irony is we don’t practice what we preach. Teachers are very territorial when it comes to their teaching methods. “Don’t come in my room, and don’t copy my lesson plan.” It makes no sense. You don’t get paid any less or any more for sharing. You don’t look bad if someone else uses your work. If anything, your work inspired others. If we truly are doing all we can for the kids, then we would be doing everything possible to better ourselves and everyone around us, and that means sharing.
So I’m putting my money where my mouth is. Here’s my OneNote Technology Curriculum Notebook. It has all my lessons, and links to online resources for anything you need. I’ve built these lessons from teachers who were generous enough to share them with the world, so I’m paying it forward.
Use anything you want from it. Enjoy.

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