My brain has too many tabs open.

There’s a lot of tabs open in my head because there’s no such thing as downtime anymore.
No one sits and stares into space anymore, there’s always some way to distract yourself with your phone: the endless emails, your Facebook feed, or your candy crush level.
Thoughts float through my brain like clouds in the sky but they don’t stick around. I’ll want to act on a thought, and open a tab to start, but it just stays open and then gets added on to the never ending “To Do” list. Before you know it, your browser window has 20 tabs open, nothing got done, and the bell just rang.
I have gotten a chance this summer to just sit and enjoy the moment; that’s what summer is for. It’s almost impossible to be productive sitting in a beach chair, I challenge you to try. I need to be like this all year though, I need to take time and just stare into space and live in a thought for a few minutes.
One of the dilemmas I pondered was this; do I act on my thoughts as I have them, or finish one task completely before I start the next? I ran the risk of not remembering the ground-breaking thought later, but I do complete actual tasks. I’ve tried the former method, but it led to the endless number of tabs. I realized, as I stared into space this summer, is that if I try to act on all my thoughts, I just have more. I don’t run out of ideas, my hamster brain just keeps spinning on its wheel, churning out one goofy thought after another.
So that’s one of my goals as we embark on a new school year. Finish tasks and complete projects before I start new ones. And sit in a beach chair more often.

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