Lean in

I  go to lots of PD days and learn new stuff all the time, but there are only so many bandwagons I can jump on.
When I’m sitting in a presentation, I’m all in. I buy whatever they’re selling. It’s only when I walk out and start thinking about the real world scenarios where I will use this. I often come up short somehow. I don’t have the time, the support, the resources. I quit before I even begin.
What I’ve changed about my attitude is I’ve taken Sheryl Sandberg’s approach and now I just “Lean In” which is the title of her book. While I’m all gung-ho about the new resource/website/program, I don’t assume it will change my life. I dip my toe in and try it a little. I see how that works for a while and then try more. I’m not investing too much time or energy before I see some actual results. If there isn’t enough positive results, I feel no guilt in walking away. I tried, but it just didn’t cut it.
The key is to give it a fair shot. Anything worth doing is worth doing well, so a decent attempt at implementing the new resource is necessary. The difference is I no longer spend hours wasting time on something that seems like a solution when it only adds to the problem.
I like the “lean in” approach so much I didn’t even finish her book; I took what I could from her book and left the rest. How’s that for following instructions?

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