Don’t do it Microsoft!

Microsoft just announced that it will discontinue clip art in it’s products and I’m in mourning. Those trusty graphics have always been a simple and lovely way to brighten up any page, slide, or spreadsheet. Now you will be sent to Bing to search online for graphics. I have three big problems with this.

  1. When little people are using these programs at first, having a simple way to insert art is not as overwhelming as searching online for appropriate artwork. Young children need some guidelines, and releasing them into the big bad internet to find artwork will create a time-wasting experience for them.
  2. You’re encouraging copyright infringement. Students will not concern themselves with where they got the artwork, and that’s not the way to teach responsible digital citizenship. 
  3. When your internet is down, you’re out of luck. My students don’t always have internet access, through no fault of their own. Providing a feature and then taking it away is not cool-period.

Technology develops by providing more features, not less. I have to go now, I need to start hoarding all the clipart before it disappears forever.

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